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Build Muscle & Burn Fat

Build Muscle & Burn Fat

Non-Invasive Buttock Lifting

Non-Invasive Buttock Lifting

Tested by Professionals

Tested by Professionals

No Surgery & No Anesthesia

No Surgery & No Anesthesia

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What is Emsculpt NEO?

You want to improve your look by fighting fat and building muscle. At Bonakdar Aesthetics in Newport Beach Emsculpt NEO is offered as an innovative dual-purpose treatment program that can build and sculpt your core muscles while reducing your body fat. Achieving both of those goals in one non-invasive treatment represents a medical and technological breakthrough. Dr. Monica Bonakdar warmly invites you to schedule a consultation to learn more about this exciting new way to sculpt and tone your body.

How does Emsculpt NEO work?

Diet and exercise remain the foundation of any effective fitness regimen. But even the most diligent among us can use a “boost.” Emsculpt NEO provides this “boost" on steroids.

Emsculpt NEO is an amazing and innovative technology that enables you to lie back while a machine simultaneously builds your muscles and breaks down stubborn fat cells. Treatment sessions last just 30 minutes. Emsculpt NEO uses synchronized radiofrequency (RF) heating to permanently destroy fat, combined with high intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to stimulate muscle growth. Research indicates that this “one-two punch” combination is more effective than either of the treatments would be if administered separately.

Emsculpt NEO is “new generation” technology. Its predecessor, known simply as Emsculpt or Emsculpt Classic, remains effective in building muscle strength and tone. The added benefit provided by Emsculpt NEO lies in the extra muscle strengthening and the addition of radiofrequency heating technique that breaks down fat known as lipolysis.

What body parts are treated by Emsculpt NEO?

Emsculpt NEO is designed to treat nine body areas including abdomen, buttocks, anterior thighs, posterior thighs, inner thighs, outer thighs, calves, and biceps and triceps. The magnetic pulse caused by HIFEM achieves muscle toning and strengthening by creating involuntary super-maximal muscle contractions, which give your muscles a workout. Meanwhile, if needed, the heating power of RF energy attacks stubborn fat deposits without harming your skin or other tissues.

Emsculpt NEO process
Emsculpt NEO process

What can I expect during an Emsculpt NEO session?

The recommended treatment regimen requires weekly sessions for four consecutive weeks. There is no “downtime.” You can go right back to your routine immediately following each session.

An Emsculpt certified technician uses a simple strap to place an applicator on the desired treatment area. The intensity of the RF heat and electromagnetic pulsing is slowly increased, with great attention paid to your comfort. The applicator gets incrementally warmer, and the pulses gradually become more powerful throughout each 30-minute session. The adjustable intensity of the heat and magnetic energy ensures efficiency, safety, and comfort during your Newport Beach Emsculpt NEO treatment.

Are Emsculpt treatments safe? Are they painful?

Emsculpt NEO, like its predecessor, Emsculpt, has proved to be extraordinarily safe and is FDA cleared.

You should avoid Emsculpt NEO if you have any type of metal, including a copper IUD, near a treatment site. Emsculpt NEO can safely and effectively treat patients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of up to 35. Be sure to consult with your doctor to make sure Emsculpt NEO is the best option for your needs and goals. Emsculpt NEO challenges your muscles and stimulates growth. Each treatment session will trigger up to 24,000 involuntary super-maximal muscle contractions. That is many more than you could generate in even a very vigorous 30-minute workout. After Emsculpt Neo Newport Beach patients can expect some post-session soreness. That’s how you’ll know it’s working. That soreness will likely be most apparent following your first treatment but tends to subside following each subsequent session.

What results should I expect?

Emsculpt NEO has a documented 96 percent success rate. Make sure you have “before and after” pictures! The regimen can reduce fat in treatment areas by up to 30 percent and increase muscle growth by up to 25 percent. This represents a significant advancement compared to the original Emsculpt.

Emsculpt Emsculpt NEO
Fat Reduction 19% 30%
Muscle Growth 16% 25%
Reduction in Ab Separation 11% 19%
Waist Circumference Reduction 4 cm 5.9 cm

Permanent fat reduction starts with the very first treatment. Results generally reach their final form three months after the last session. You can expect muscle growth and toning to last for up to six months following treatment, but results can last longer in some cases. Fat is permanently eliminated from your body, but your existing fat cells can still get larger without proper diet and exercise. Single session monthly maintenance treatments are available and highly affordable after initial package treatment is complete.

Give your routine a “nudge” with Emsculpt NEO

Proper diet and exercise remain and will always be the foundation of health, fitness, and appearance. But almost everyone has a problem area or two regarding strength, excess fat, and a toned contour. The innovative concept and technology that has produced Emsculpt NEO may be just the “nudge” you need to help you reach your aesthetic goals.

In particular, Emsculpt NEO will allow you to get rid of those last pockets of fat that are keeping you from having the flat abdomen you’ve been working so hard to achieve. Your body contours will be enhanced, and you will gain a more toned and strengthened appearance. Increases in your muscular strength will further elevate your quality of life.

If you are interested in learning more about Emsculpt NEO Newport Beach cosmetic dermatology expert Dr. Monica Bonakdar encourages you to schedule a consultation today. Emsculpt NEO is among the full complement elite-level, non-invasive face and body procedures proudly offered at Bonakdar Aesthetics. Dr. Bonakdar has been practicing in Newport Beach for more than 20 years and has built the most respected aesthetic medical practice in Southern California.

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