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Cheek Fillers
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Pump Up the Volume

Dr. Bonakdar can precisely reposition your midface area with our Newport Beach cheek fillers, magically reversing your lower face sagging before injecting any fillers in your lower face!

You live your life out loud. You love seeing the world and being seen in it. You don’t shy away from the spotlight, or at least, you didn’t… until you started noticing subtle signs of facial aging! While we associate fat loss in the body with health and vibrancy, the combination of fat loss and skin laxity in the face are telltale signs of facial aging. The solution for midface aging is here - Cheek Fillers in Newport Beach.

Signs of Midface and Cheek Aging

  • Sinking dominant aging results in hollowed cheeks as if one is permanently sucking through a straw.
  • Sagging dominant aging results in sagging of the lower face and formation of smile lines, marionette lines and jowls!
  • Combination of sinking and sagging midface results in hollowed cheeks as well as sagging lower face.

What Are Cheek Fillers and Which One Is Best For Me?

Cheek fillers are laboratory produced sterile gels made up of non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid. These fillers are similar to the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in the body which makes up the largest component of the body’s natural collagen.

With more than one FDA approved cheek filler to choose from, Dr. Bonakdar chooses the right filler for you based on your skin thickness and your midface issues, whether you need volumizing, lifting or a combination of both. With her expertise and filler mastery, she ensures that your treatment results look great at rest as well as in motion.

Cheek fillers when injected properly may soften or completely eliminate sagging jowls, marionette lines and smile lines. Dr. Bonakdar precisely repositions your midface and cheeks, reversing your lower face sagging before injecting any fillers in your lower face! Her favorite cheek fillers include Juvederm Voluma which is FDA approved for 24 months and RHA4 with studies showing it lasts 18 months.

What is the Procedure for Cheek Fillers?

Your cheek fillers experience begins with a consultation with Dr. Bonakdar. During your consultation, Dr. Bonakdar will take the time to analyze your face and get to know your beauty goals.

She will customize your treatment plan, incorporating her AmpliPhi Filler Technique - her precise facial filler procedure that uses the mathematical proportions of beauty to determine the precise spots to inject fillers and achieve gorgeous results. With her AmpliPhi Filler Technique, she repositions the midface and the lower face, transforming an old or average looking person into a younger and more beautiful version of themselves. Her filler results are visible right afterwards, and improve during the next week. There is usually no recovery time for cheek fillers. In some cases, there may be some swelling or bruising which tend to go away fairly quickly.

Your Cheek Filler Consultation in Newport Beach

When it comes to injections such as cheek fillers Newport Beach cosmetic dermatology expert Dr. Monica Bonakdar has the experience you can trust. Dr. Bonakdar performs thousands of injections each year. She is also the creator of the AmpliPhi™ filler technique - her proprietary filler method that produces the gorgeous results that have converted her patients into her most loyal fans. Schedule your consultation for cheek fillers with Dr. Bonakdar today to turn up the volume on your cheeks.

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