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Your lips work hard; speaking, eating, drinking, and making facial expressions all involve the lips. Unfortunately, with all of this vital use, our lips can lose volume and vitality over time. So take care of your lips and consider our Palm Desert lip fillers for a new, refreshed look for your lips. Whether you are new to aesthetic treatments or searching for the ideal provider who can help you find your perfect lip rejuvenation or pre-juvenation method, Dr. Monica Bonakdar has the skills and experience you need.

Lip Fillers at Bonakdar Aesthetics

Dr. Monica Bonakdar and the team at Bonakdar Aesthetics provide the best lip filler experience in Palm Desert and the surrounding area. Dr. Bonakdar has years of experience and training and will transform your lips as per your request whether you desire a subtle enhancement, a moderately filled version, or a dramatic new lip look.

What Are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are used to create extra volume in the lips. Typically they are made from hyaluronic acid, a substance also found naturally in almost every part of the body. Lip fillers can offer a natural-looking and effective way to enhance the overall appearance of the lips. There are a variety of different kinds of fillers that may be used in specific cases, which are injected into the lip or lip area to produce a more voluminous lip appearance. Since the lips are a delicate area, it's very important to receive lip injections from a skilled and trained professional.

How Our Lips Age

Lip fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, partly because the lips often show signs of aging or loss of volume sooner than any other part of the face. Hormonal changes are usually the culprit behind these shifts that can include deflated lips, lip lines, downturned corners, diminished cupid's bow, and a larger philtrum, or the contour between the nose and upper lip. So even if you're not looking for Kylie Jenner-sized lips, wanting to plump or restore your lips is a common desire.

What can Lip Fillers do for me?

Lip fillers can provide a rejuvenated, revitalized appearance for your lips. This lip enhancement technique is minimally-invasive, non-surgical, and requires little to no downtime. Benefits of lip fillers include:

  • Add volume and create a fuller look
  • Enhance your natural lip shape
  • Restore a youthful appearance
  • Improve the symmetry of your lips
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles in the lip area

Am I a candidate for Lip Fillers?

Ideal candidates for lip enhancement using fillers are generally in good health, over 18, and seeking an improvement in the appearance of their lips. If you'd like to find out if you would make a good candidate for lip fillers Palm Desert master injectors at Bonakdar Aesthetics can address that and any other questions you have during a consultation. Call us today! Most of our lip filler patients want to address concerns such as:

  • Deflated lip appearance or decreased volume
  • Wrinkles and fine lines around the lips
  • Asymmetrical or uneven lip outline

Choosing Lip Fillers

Dr. Bonakdar's philosophy is that in order to achieve stunning, natural-looking lip enhancement results, the look should be based on the overall proportions of each patient's face versus simply copying the look of a celebrity or influencer. With all this in mind, Dr. Bonakdar can expertly select the most optimal lip filler type and method to customize your perfect lip look.

Vertical Lip Lines

Dr. Bonakdar's Optimal Filler Selection: Juvederm Volbella, Vollure, or Versa, dependent upon line depth.

The Why: Less tissue swelling can be provided with these newer fillers, so they are the best choice for relaxing lip lines.

The Philosophy: Dr. Bonakdar can perform skillful vertical lip line correction by injecting inside the lip line or not, depending on your level of comfort and aesthetic goals.

Natural Lip Enhancement

Dr. Bonakdar's Optimal Filler Selection: Juvederm Volbella, Versa

The Why: For a more natural, conservative-looking lip enhancement, Dr. Bonakdar chooses the latest in filler technology that will not create stark swelling in lip tissue.

The Philosophy: Take it slow; Dr. Bonakdar will very delicately and gradually add lip filler for a natural look. If needed, a follow-up appointment can provide any additional gradual volume.

Moderate Lip Enhancement

Dr. Bonakdar's Optimal Filler Selection: Juvederm Ultra Plus, Juvederm Vollure

The Why: Typically, a more robust lip filler is preferred; however, the meaning and vision of “moderate” can mean something different for everyone. This is why Dr. Bonakdar takes the time to discuss the personal aesthetic goals of each of her patients.

The Philosophy: More volume should still mean natural-looking, voluminous lips, not the “duck lips” look, which she is careful to avoid.

Dramatic Lip Enhancement

Dr. Bonakdar's Optimal Filler Selection: Juvederm Ultra Plus, Juvederm Vollure, Juvederm Voluma

The Why: The most robust products are in order for a dramatic lip look that will complement your natural lip shape while achieving optimal volume.

The Philosophy: Dr. Bonakdar will expertly layer filler using a multiple syringe technique, in one or preferably more sessions. The end result is a dramatic, voluminous look that complements your facial features.

Consultation and Preparation

At your consultation, Dr. Monica Bonakdar will learn about your specific aesthetic goals, and together you will determine the right filler and method to provide you with optimal results. During your visit to our luxurious office, we will also provide you with full details on how to prepare for your lip enhancement procedure.

Your Lip Filler Treatment

During your lip filler treatment, Dr. Bonakdar and her staff will take special care to ensure your appointment is pain-free and results in the most minimal bruising possible. Topical numbing cream can be used if preferred. Typically, lip filler procedures take 10 minutes.

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

You can expect some swelling after your treatment, so plan for a short period of downtime. Other side effects are rare, especially with Dr. Bonakdar, and could include bruising that usually lasts a few days. Most patients see full results at about 4 weeks, which last 6 to 24 months, based on the filler used.

Lip Filler Swelling Stages

In most cases, the recovery timeline below can be expected.

Immediately Following Your Procedure

Tenderness at the injection sites may be present but will lessen within a few hours.

Day One

Swelling will be significant and possibly uncomfortable. This is totally normal and should resolve on its own.

Day Two

Peak swelling should subside, and injection site discomfort should be nearly gone.

Day Three

The swelling should dip even further on this day, but you may notice some lumps or bruising. These are expected side effects and should go away on their own in a few days.

Two Weeks

Getting closer to your final results, at two weeks, significant daily changes should have stopped.

Four Weeks

Enjoy! Most patients see their gorgeous, final results around the four-week mark.

Why Bonakdar Aesthetics?

For patients in Palm Desert, go with the pro. Dr. Monica Bonakdar is an Allergan Medical Institute faculty with over 20 years of expertise in the industry. Delivering an impressive 65,000 units of Botox and over 1,000 syringes of fillers a year. With an artistic eye, skilled professionalism, Dr. Bonakdar can give you the plump, youthful, tastefully enhanced lips you've been wanting.

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Most patients consider lip fillers very tolerable. Topical anesthesia can be used to help ease any discomfort if needed.

Lip fillers are very safe, especially when administered by a skilled professional. Minor side effects can include swelling, redness, or bruising, though these usually resolve within one to two weeks.

Lip fillers are not a permanent treatment, they last 6 to 24 months based on the type of filler used.

No, when used properly, there will not be permanent changes to your lips. If you decide to stop getting lip filler treatments, your lips will go back to looking like they did before.

As with most cosmetic treatments, lip filler treatments are not recommended while pregnant or breastfeeding.

You will need to wait until any numbness has worn off and full sensation returns, which is typically a few hours.

We will recommend the best maintenance plan based on your goals and which type of filler is used. Typically, follow-up appointments are needed every six months.

The cost of lip fillers varies widely depending on the type of lip enhancement you want to achieve and how much filler is needed for optimal results.

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