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Skin Boosters: Introducing A Different Kind of Hyaluronic Acid Filler

SKINVIVE Allows Your Skin to Look Dew-Kissed, Glowing, and Hydrated

SKINVIVE is the first and only micro-injectable to plump and rehydrate aging skin. With SKINVIVE Newport Beach patients can expect deep hydration and smoother skin. Think your skin, but better.

SKINVIVE by Juvéderm at Bonakdar Aesthetics

Bonakdar Aesthetics is thrilled to be among the first aesthetic doctors to offer SKINVIVE in Newport Beach. This minimally invasive injectable treatment kisses the cheeks with a megadose of hydration, unveiling a youthful, supple complexion that defies the conventional rules of aging.


Juvéderm SKINVIVE is the only FDA-cleared microdroplet hyaluronic acid-based injectable available in the United States. Manufactured by Allergan Aesthetics, SKINVIVE is specially formulated to increase skin hydration to create a smoother skin relief.

The difference between our Newport Beach SKINVIVE and ordinary HA fillers lies in the injection technique. Dr. Bonakdar introduces small amounts of the treatment into the skin in a series of tiny micro-injections spaced close together, allowing the product to diffuse throughout the skin, where star ingredient hyaluronic acid attracts and retains moisture.

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SKINVIVE vs. Other Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

SKINVIVE is unique in that it is a microdroplet injection designed to refine and smooth the skin while imparting a youthful, dewy glow. Traditional hyaluronic acid-based fillers are used to lift or add lost volume that comes with aging. Additionally, most HA fillers have a cohesive gel texture, while SKINVIVE is more fluid and water-like.

What can SKINVIVE do for me?

The ultimate goal of SKINVIVE injections is to enhance skin quality and boost hydration to the cheeks without adding fullness. The treatment can greatly enhance the long-term health of the skin, particularly with regular treatments as part of your skincare regimen. After SKINVIVE, patients enjoy skin that feels softer, looks smoother, and radiates with a healthy, luminous glow.

Am I a candidate for SKINVIVE?

SKINVIVE is an excellent option for anyone that lacks a natural skin glow. Aesthetic concerns addressed include dehydrated skin that lacks radiance, and superficial textural issues such as feathering or a mild crepey-like appearance on the cheeks. If you have age-related facial volume loss or want to accentuate facial features such as the lips, cheekbones, or chin, Dr. Bonakdar may suggest dermal filler injections instead. Contraindications include pregnancy, breastfeeding, allergies to ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or lidocaine, and broken or infected skin at the treatment zone.

Consultation and Preparation

Dr. Bonakdar will sit down with you to review your aesthetic goals and concerns in detail. She will examine your cheeks to assess whether you have lackluster skin, minor laxity, or other signs of aging that can be successfully treated with SKINVIVE. If you are a candidate, preparing for the treatment is as simple as avoiding herbal supplements, alcohol, and medications that may increase the risk of bleeding or bruising for several days beforehand.


SKINVIVE is a relatively quick, comfortable process that only takes a few minutes. Since the injectable already contains a small dose of lidocaine (a numbing agent), local anesthetic and ice application are unnecessary. Dr. Bonakdar will strategically inject the product into your cheeks or other areas, depending on the specifics of your treatment plan.

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Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

As a lunchtime procedure, this treatment boasts no downtime. Pinpoint bleeding, redness, and swelling typically resolve within an hour or two. You are free to return to work, run errands, go shopping, or socialize immediately afterward. There are no absolute restrictions other than avoiding alcohol, nicotine, strenuous exercise, and medications or supplements that increase bleeding.

The results are visible as early as one week but are most visible around week four, lasting six months on average. Come back to the office for a touch-up when your skin needs another boost to look its best.

Why choose Bonakdar Aesthetics?

Dr. Monica Bonakdar personally performs the injections, ensuring the highest chance of a flawless outcome. She is uniquely qualified in that she is one of Allergan’s top 500 physicians, performing more non-surgical and aesthetic injectable treatments than nearly 97 percent of all providers in the US. As a faculty member of the Allergan Medical Institute, she is one of the very first aesthetic doctors in Southern California to have trialed SKINVIVE. In fact, she is one of the first to offer skin booster injections in the state!

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The treatment contains lidocaine, a numbing ingredient that eases injection site discomfort.

SKINVIVE has passed clinical trials and is FDA-cleared. Side effects like bruising and allergic reactions are exceedingly rare. Risks and complications such as vision impairment, excessive bleeding, infection, and necrosis are usually the result of improper injection techniques. Choosing a highly qualified injector such as Dr. Monica Bonakdar is a must for those considering Newport Beach skin boosters.

Results last up to six months, although individual differences in metabolism can affect longevity.

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