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Wayne Lura: Go Below the Surface with US.K

The top of your skin looks great—but what about everything that’s going on underneath it? That’s what makes U.SK (or Under Skin) different from other topical skincare products on the market. This is the first skincare line that is pharmaceutical-level skincare and works on an intracellular level. In other words, the product goes underneath your…

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Jeaveau: The Disruptor of the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is changing. To keep up, aesthetic beauty companies need to start looking at the industry through a new lens. Meet Evolus: a groundbreaking company that approaches aesthetics from a new angle, focused on bringing beauty to the healthcare industry. In this episode, I talk with David Moatazedi, the CEO and President of…

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Carrie Strom: Scratching the Surface of What JUVEDERM Offers

Why do people even get Botox in the first place? It’s not about freezing faces or making you look like someone else. It’s about reshaping and relaxing negative expressions, helping all people truly feel beautiful. That’s why Carrie Strom is an ambassador of aesthetic and a purveyor of confidence—and the Senior Vice President of Allergan…

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Ario Khoshbin: Focus on Safety First

One of the biggest reasons why people avoid aesthetic therapies and treatments is the fear of getting “botched Botox.” The potential swelling, the discomfort, the self-consciousness that comes with it is enough to send anyone in the other direction. That’s why, for Ario Khoshbin and his team at Prollenium Medical Technologies, safety is their number…

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Sachin Shridharani: Destroy the Double Chin with Kybella

Do you have any extra fat on your body that you just can’t seem to shed? What about a double chin? The double chin is the bane of so many people’s existence. This area of fat spares no age, gender, race, or anything. It affects such a wide range of people. In fact, two out…

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Brad Hauser: CoolTone – The Revolutionary Body Contouring Device

Allergan is always exploring exciting new technologies. Primarily, they look for non-invasive techniques that allow patients to come in and go back to their normal lifestyle nearly immediately. CoolTone is one of their products, and it’s an electromagnetic device that is cleared for strengthening, toning, and firming of the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, and…

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Leilah Mundt: Crème Collective Brings Authenticity In The Beauty Industry

If we think about typical self-care products available in stores, we only think of water and fillers. And it’s not like they’re not doing what they say they do, but all those fillers burden our body, just like the food these days fills us up with tons of chemicals. Leilah’s purpose is to make sure…

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Tim Shanahan: The Benefits of Cryotherapy Facials

Have you tried cryogenic therapy? There’s a cryo-craze happening throughout the world, with many people looking to step into cryogen chambers for a few minutes at a time and hoping to experience pain relief, inflammation, skin imperfections, and so much more. Now, there’s a new way to experience cryogenic therapy in a safe and effective…

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Jeff Snider: AccuVein – The Roadmap To Your Blood Vessels

Wouldn’t it be nice to not get bruised after a cosmetic procedure? A lot of people have bruises after every procedure because it’s hard for a physician to go around all the veins in your body. It’s like they’re in a war zone, filled with landmines, not knowing where they are hidden. For the past…

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