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MonBon is Dr. Bonakdar’s exclusive line of scientific Newport Beach skincare products.

She can customize your personal skincare routine by phone or in person. Shop online or call the office for more information.

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Medical-Grade Skincare Products at Bonakdar Aesthetics

As a Newport Beach cosmetic dermatology expert offering skin rejuvenation treatments for the face and body, Dr. Monica Bonakdar believes healthy, beautiful skin starts at home. Bonakdar Aesthetics offers a full range of professional-grade skincare products tailored to your exact skin concerns and goals.


Medical-grade skincare products are backed by rigorous safety and clinical testing, touting results that far exceed what can be achieved by over-the-counter skincare lines. Complete with higher concentrations of beneficial active ingredients, professional skincare products tend to work faster and more effectively than their drugstore and department-store counterparts.

While everyone loves the thrill of perusing the beauty aisle at their favorite stores, the process gets even more fun when you have personalized guidance from top Newport Beach skincare expert Dr. Monica Bonakdar. Working with you one-on-one, she will guide you to the products that best match your particular skin type so you can reap the most benefits from every a.m. and p.m. application.

Dr. Bonakdar will only suggest skincare products compatible with your unique skin concerns and goals. Likewise, she will let you know what products will help you maximize the outcome of your Newport Beach skin rejuvenation treatments. Together, your in-office procedures and personalized at-home skincare regimen will take your results even further.

MonBon Skincare

From exfoliating cleansers to radiance-inducing serums, MonBon Skincare enhances the efficacy of in-office treatments so your skin looks its absolute best—regardless of how many birthdays you’ve celebrated. Developed by Dr. Monica Bonakdar herself, each product contains premium ingredients clinically proven to replenish the skin, combat signs of aging, and ward off future damage. To receive a customized skincare plan from our Newport Beach cosmetic dermatology expert, speak to Dr. Bonakdar during your consultation.

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DefenAge Pro

DefenAge PRO EXCLUSIVE Platinum Edition boasts a high concentration of proprietary age-reversing molecule, Age-Repair Defensins®. Proven to reduce global signs of aging and ignite a wound-healing response in the skin, Defensins are one of the most powerful anti-aging technologies available. Since it is highly concentrated, the DefenAge PRO EXCLUSIVE Platinum Edition is only available in-office and cannot be purchased online.


skinbetter skincare products

SkinBetter’s award-winning skincare line is the secret weapon against drab, aged skin. Uniquely formulated for those seeking to maintain a youthful-looking complexion, SkinBetter makes it easy to visibly improve texture, tonality, and clarity from the comfort of home. All SkinBetter products are dermatologist-tested, paraben-free, fragrance-free, dye-free, and cruelty-free, making it the safe and ethically conscious way to reduce clinical signs of aging.

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Celebrity dermatologist Dr. Obagi created a science-driven skincare line that achieves dramatic results in less time. Whether you need a good sunscreen, a gentle exfoliant, a calming toner for sensitive skin, a pigment-correcting solution, or a complexion-clearing acne mask, ZO Skin Health has it all. Despite containing potent actives, many ZO products contain skin-soothers like ceramides and hydrators to minimize irritation. Most ZO newbies are thrilled to find their skin looks and feels better than it has in years after 12 weeks.

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Available exclusively to physicians, Alastin has led the way in medical-grade skincare since 2015. Alastin products instigate skin rejuvenation through TriHex Technology®, a synergistic blend of ingredients that lift away damaged skin fragments and allow new elastin and collagen to flourish within the skin. Alastin skincare can do everything from minimizing the appearance of fine lines to deeply hydrating thirsty skin to visibly brightening unevenly toned skin damaged by sun exposure. Dr. Bonakdar can help you select the appropriate products for your needs.

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Sparkling eyes, fuller lashes, and lush hair are the ideal way to complement your freshly rejuvenated skin and put the finishing touches on your look. Backed by years of research, Nutrafol hair regrowth is a drug-free dietary supplement clinically shown to promote thicker, fuller hair. Formulated with marine complex AminoMar®, Biotin, and Vitamin C, Nutrafol nourishes thinning hair and aids in existing hair growth. Latisse lash serum’s groundbreaking ingredient, bimatoprost, is an FDA-cleared treatment for hypotrichosis (sparse lashes), achieving mile-long eyelashes in six weeks. For those with droopy eyelids, Upneeq eye drops are a prescription ophthalmic solution FDA-approved for acquired ptosis (low-lying lids).

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Skincare Products FAQs

When you buy skincare at Bonakdar Aesthetics, you can rest assured you are receiving authentic products, not counterfeits. You’ll also benefit from personalized guidance and curated skincare programs designed to bring out the best in your skin.

While there are no rules against mixing and matching products, Dr. Bonakdar may suggest replacing some of your OTC beauty products with their professional-grade equivalent. Doing so ensures the ingredients are compatible and lowers the risk of adverse side effects such as irritation.

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