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An increasing number of men today opt for aesthetic treatment options as a means of addressing common skin concerns.

The days when beauty and aesthetic treatment options were solely focused on women are long gone.

Today, men actively seek out aesthetic treatment options to correct, improve, and enhance their physical appearance. And while millennials form a big chunk of the aesthetic center clientele, men of all age groups today are becoming more proactive about seeking cosmetic treatment options that can help them look and feel not only younger, but also healthier.

Advantages of aesthetic treatments for men

Media exposure and penetration and greater health awareness are two of the most common reasons for the rising popularity of cosmetic treatments among men in the last few years. An aesthetic center, or Medical Spa, focuses on non-surgical cosmetic treatments that address skin health and assist to maintain the youthful appearance of the skin.

When you visit Bonakdar Aesthetics, you can expect to enjoy a relaxing and de-stressing experience coupled with advanced procedures delivered by our expert Newport Beach cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Monica Bonakdar. If you are younger, our aesthetic center can be a great place to enjoy routine skincare and maintenance in a soothing and calming environment. For men who are worried about signs of aging or have damaged skin, then Bonakdar Aesthetics can be an ideal place to access quick and effective anti-aging treatment options in a luxurious and tranquil setting.

Common Skin Concerns among Men

Time, lifestyle habits, and environmental factors can impact your facial skin in multiple ways. Some of the common skin concerns that men face include the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, loss of skin volume, dullness, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone.

As a result, your facial skin can look more aged, dull, and tired – in a lot of cases, it can add years to your appearance. If this is you, then what you probably need is an aesthetic treatment plan designed to address your own unique skin concerns. One of the most common and popular treatment options for men are injectables. Skin injectable treatments offered by Dr. Bonakdar, can quickly and effectively address each of the areas of concern and help restore your skin’s youthful vigor and vitality.

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What can Injectable Treatments do for me?

Injectables are among the most popular aesthetic treatment options for men today. Reason being that injectables are a safe, highly effective, and painless alternative to cosmetic surgery.

In a majority of cases, injectables can quickly and effectively address a number of common skin concerns among men including common signs of aging such as unwanted fine lines and wrinkles, loss of skin volume, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone among others. What makes injectables particularly appealing is that not only do injectables require little-to-no-downtime and recovery period, but they can effectively help restore your youthful radiance.

Why Should I Consider Dr. Bonakdar For My Injectable Treatments?

Dr. Bonakdar is a highly skilled cosmetic dermatology expert who specializes in an advanced range of aesthetic treatment solutions – her special area of focus are injectable treatment options.

The Bonakdar Aesthetics is a premier nonsurgical aesthetic treatment center in Southern California and Dr. Bonakdar is considered among the leading experts in injectable treatment options for men. She offers an advanced range of customized facial contouring and body contouring treatment options for men who want to restore their youthful and natural-looking radiance.

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Injectable Treatments for Men

If you want to combat common signs of aging and sun damage to your facial skin, then Dr. Bonakdar offers a wide range of injectable treatment options. These include the following:

  • Botox: injected beneath the skin and can help smooth out the appearance of wrinkles (moderate to severe) as well as crow’s feet and frown lines.
  • Juvederm Filler Family: dermal fillers are a non-surgical option that can help restore lost volume in the lips and the cheeks in addition to helping smoothen fine lines from around the nose and mouth areas.
  • Kybella: is a great and highly effective solution for men who want to reduce the appearance of a double chin.
  • IPL Photofacial: this FDA-approved treatment option uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) energy to help rejuvenate the skin and minimize common signs of aging, reduce hyperpigmentation, and address vascular imperfections.
  • Ultherapy: can help lift and tighten facial skin and the skin around the neck. This is an effective treatment option for men who want to minimize the appearance of jowls and improve their facial definition. 
  • Microneedling: is ideal for men who want to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and to address other skin issues such as hyperpigmentation, acne scars, sun damage, uneven skin tone, and stretch marks. 
  • Sculptra: is a collagen stimulator injectable that can help combat the signs of facial aging at its source. It can quickly and effectively address common skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, and folds.

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