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Tissue Tightening and Lifting with ThermiTight
in Newport Beach, CA

Over time, gravity and natural aging can cause your once-taught skin to loosen and sag.

However, just because nature is taking its inevitable course, you don’t have to accept the unwanted impact it has on your appearance. Dr. Monica Bonakdar can help remedy aging and sagging skin with ThermiTight Newport Beach patients will receive a painless, non-surgical procedure that can quickly tighten skin around the face, neck, knees and more.

What Is Thermitight?

ThermiTight is a micro-invasive, non-surgical tissue tightening and lifting treatment that uses radio frequency waves to address sagging skin with almost no pain and no downtime. During the procedure, Dr. Bonakdar will insert a tiny probe under the skin and apply radiofrequency energy to create collagen and tighten your soft tissue.

ThermiTight can affect almost every part of the body where you’d like tightening and lifting, including your neck, face, arms and knees. Following your ThermiTight treatments, you’ll notice the return of your taught, youthful looking self that time and gravity have slowly diminished.

Benefits Of Thermitight

More and more, our Newport Beach and Orange County patients are choosing non-surgical cosmetic services over traditional, more invasive plastic surgery procedures. As a highly effective, micro-invasive treatment, ThermiTight offers several benefits, including:

  • FDA-approved
  • Non-surgical
  • Procedure typically only takes about an hour*
  • Little, if any, downtime*
  • Only local anesthesia required*
  • No scars*
  • Minimal, if any, downtime*
  • Long lasting results*
  • Results that improve over time*

Who Is A Good Candidate For Thermitight?

You may be a good candidate for ThermiTight treatment if you:

  • Want to tighten loose skin around your neck or the lower area of your face without undergoing a surgical procedure
  • Hope to experience a rejuvenating effect that lasts longer than three to four months
  • Suffer from small fat deposits that require melting and tightening

Why Should I Choose Dr. Bonakdar For My Thermitight Treatment?

Dr. Monica Bonakdar has provided premium, personalized cosmetic dermatology services to Newport Beach and Orange County residents for more than twenty years. Her experience, education and artistic eye have earned her a prestigious reputation and loyal following.

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