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Fewer Wrinkles, Fewer Appointments, More Time to Enjoy a Younger Looking You

The skin care community is buzzing over DAXXIFY, a new, FDA-approved injectable with gleaming results and a previously unseen longevity. During clinical trials, wrinkle minimization was still apparent after 4 months in 80 percent of participants, and about half of those injected with DAXXIFY were still seeing full results at 6 months. With no use of human or animal products, this cleaner alternative doesn’t compromise on effectiveness and can give you the wrinkle-erasing results you’ve been wanting; for twice as long.

DAXXIFY at Bonakdar Aesthetics

Bonakdar Aesthetics in Newport Beach is proud to provide this brand-new product to our clients. As a master injector, Dr. Bonakdar has years of experience with injectables and administers DAXXIFY herself for our clients. She has been trained to ensure the highest quality results. At Bonakdar Aesthetics in Newport Beach DAXXIFY is offered with the goal of giving you natural-looking and brilliant results as well as a comfortable and customized experience.

What is DAXXIFY?

DAXXIFY is a neuromodulator that contains daxibotulinumtoxinA-lanm as its active ingredient. This is a botulinum toxin injectable that removes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles in the treatment area. Unlike other neuromodulators, Daxxify contains exclusive lab-made peptides that are attributed to the long-lasting quality of DAXXIFY.

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DAXXIFY vs Botox

Both Botox and DAXXIFY are in the neuromodulator category of injectables, which reduce the appearance of wrinkles by immobilizing the muscles underneath. They both contain botulinum toxin protein and are administered via intramuscular injection. One of the major differences is that DAXXIFY contains no human serum albumin or animal-based products. DAXXIFY is considered a vegan option for this reason. The other major difference is that results with DAXXIFY last about twice as long as Botox.

What are the benefits of DAXXIFY?

The primary use for DAXXIFY is to treat glabellar lines or frown lines between the eyebrows. These lines can make your face appear angry or serious, and many people have a desire to smooth and reduce them for a more youthful and neutral appearance. DAXXIFY can reduce or eliminate the appearance of lines with only two treatments or fewer per year.

Am I a candidate for DAXXIFY?

Prime candidates for DAXXIFY are those who are just starting to show signs of aging and are primarily wanting to correct expressive wrinkles. If you are generally in good health and are looking for a long-lasting rejuvenation option, you should consider DAXXIFY. You may also be a great candidate if:

  • You are seeking a “cleaner” alternative
  • You prefer to have fewer appointments
  • You have mild to moderate wrinkles
  • You have had no allergic reaction to other neuromodulators

Consultation and Preparation

At Bonakdar Aesthetics in Newport Beach DAXXIFY consultations give us the opportunity to get to know you and your aesthetic goals. We will also discuss your medical history to ensure that DAXXIFY is the right choice for you. A full treatment plan will also be outlined during your consultation. Our office will provide you with specific instructions on what to do or not do prior to your DAXXIFY appointment.


At your appointment, we ask that your skin is free of any makeup or moisturizers. We will do a final skin cleanse. Using a very fine needle, Dr. Bonakdar will administer several injections across your upper face. The entire treatment usually takes only a few minutes to complete.

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

Typically, when receiving treatments of DAXXIFY Newport Beach patients tolerate the injections very well. Also, there is little to no downtime associated with this procedure. You may experience some minor redness or swelling at the injection site. Many clients begin to see dramatic results within one to two weeks of the treatments, with final results lasting around 6 months.

Why Dr. Bonakdar?

For over 20 years, Dr. Bonakdar has been the trusted cosmetic dermatology expert in Newport Beach. Dr. Bonakdar and her team want to provide you with a youthful, brilliant aesthetic outcome. At Bonakdar Aesthetics, we are committed to giving you the highest quality care and becoming familiar with your personal beauty goals so that we can help you achieve stunning results.

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As with most injectables, there may be some mild discomfort at the time of injection.

Common side effects include redness or swelling at the injection site. More serious but rare side effects can include an allergic reaction or headache. If you have had any sensitivity to the botulinum toxin in the past, please be sure to inform your provider.

DAXXIFY is not permanent but does last much longer than other Botox alternatives, lasting around 6 months. We can discuss a follow-up treatment plan with you based on your particular beauty needs and preferences, but typically maintenance treatments are recommended anywhere from 4-6 months.

Since there are no definitive studies on safety during pregnancy or breastfeeding, DAXXIFY is not recommended until after pregnancy or breastfeeding.

After treatment, you will want to avoid laying down for the first 4-6 hours afterward to prevent any shift in the serum.

No, since there is no general anesthesia involved, you will be able to resume most normal activities immediately after.

Cost depends greatly on the extent of the area to be treated and how much serum will be needed. Pricing will be discussed in detail during a consultation.

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