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Leilah Mundt: Crème Collective Brings Authenticity In The Beauty Industry
in Newport Beach, CA

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Posted: October 7, 2019

If we think about typical self-care products available in stores, we only think of water and fillers. And it’s not like they’re not doing what they say they do, but all those fillers burden our body, just like the food these days fills us up with tons of chemicals.

Leilah’s purpose is to make sure that we use good beauty products. She is educating the retail stores to bring on better products, and she’s also educating the public to stop using things that aren’t necessarily good for them and to use products that are cleaner and more effective.

On today’s episode, Leilah and I are talking about authentic, natural, eco-friendly beauty brands that are less known by people, but they innovate the beauty space.

Leilah Mundt is the founder of Crème Collective, a beauty brand development agency born out of her personal desire for beauty products that were more authentic, more exciting and better performing than the brands we find at most stores. Prior to starting the company, she has worked for 15 years in beauty sales, accumulating knowledge of the industry, every step of the way.

Her goal is for Crème Collective to facilitate magical connections between gorgeous beauty brands and the people looking for them.

So, don’t miss Episode 03 of Beauty Heroes, to find out what brands is she promoting, where you can find them, and how each brand has something unique that benefits your beauty.

Questions I ask:

  • What is Crème Collective and how did you decide to go into business? (01:33)
  • How many years have you been in business? (10:52)
  • Tell me about your first brand that you really had a home run with. (17:41)
  • If someone is doing ingestible skincare, are they also using skincare on their actual skin? (21:35)
  • Where do you see the skincare business going in the future? (30:49)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What Eco Certification requires and what it actually means. (06:33)
  • How Leilah came up with the Crème Collective name for her business. (11:02)
  • The two things that Leilah struggled with, at the beginning of her business. (14:14)
  • About Leilah’s partnership with Goop. (22:23)
  • About Lady Suite – a brand developed by Leila and her partner, Therese. (26:02)

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