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Announcing Juvederm Voluma the 8 Point Approach - Newport Beach Dermatology - Bonakdar Aesthetics - Orange County

Announcing Juvederm Voluma the 8 Point Approach - Newport Beach Dermatology - Bonakdar Aesthetics - Orange County

Posted: January 7, 2014


Volume restoration has changed the way we treat the face to look younger. For decades a skin excising facelift was the standard procedure for making someone look younger.

The missing component in facial surgery – Volume

As time progressed, plastic surgeons began to realize that volume was an essential part of the process to a youthful appearance, so they began the use of fat transfers. These work fairly well for some people, but necessitate additional procedures of extracting the fat from another part of the body and then preparing and reinjecting in the face. Standard average fat “take” hovers in the 50% range.

Fillers over the years have improved, but their longevity was subpar for many years when it came to filling large area deficits. Different types of fillers came on the market for this purpose – such as Radiesse, which is still widely used and the permanent component Bellafill which is the filler of choice today for those seeking a permanent component product.

Wanted: A soft gel filler that lasts a long time

BUT, the desire remained for an immediate action gel filler that was not permanent but lasted a long time and was suitable for mid face volume correction and augmentation.

Enter Voluma…FDA approved for mid face volume that lasts up to 2 years!

Dr. Bonakdar is pleased to offer Voluma as an exciting option for midface volume restoration.

What areas are “mid-face”?

Voluma is used for

  • cheek structural augmentation (get the cheekbones you’ve always wanted!)
  • cheek pad revolumization
  • chin area augmentation

We all lose volume in the triple-process of collagen loss, fat loss and bone loss. A robust yet natural feeling and natural appearing filler is the perfect instant solution.

Expert training by a Master Class Plastic Surgeon

Trained by world-renowned plastic surgeon Mauricio de Maio from Brazil, Dr. Bonakdar is pleased to offer the 8 Point Approach for Nonsurgical Facelifting. Fillers, collagen stimulators and muscle relaxers like Botox and Dysport can transform the face for many without the need for surgery.

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The 8 Point Approach, developed by Dr. de Maio and perfected with the use of the newer family of Juvederm products, incorporates the 8 primary areas recognized as elemental in comprehensive facial rejuvenation with injectables.

You’re invited to come in for your own personal consultation and treatment plan.


We are now using the most precise photographic imaging to show you exactly where your volume needs exist. The new 3D Facemaker system will produce a 3D set of images to pinpoint the asymmetries and volume deficits of your face.

This process provides precision measurements of facial contours that have not been possible before, allowing Dr. Bonakdar to create a plan for your facial rejuvenation that is both exact and measurable…both before your treatments and after.

With this 3D imaging, all the innovative fillers can be put to the best use with the most efficient placement possible. With new Voluma, the 8 Point Approach and 3D imaging, you’ll have access to the perfect trifecta in science and technology.

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