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#SummerSelfie Tips for Taking that Perfect Selfie this Summer!

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Posted: July 7, 2014

Millions of selfies are taken every day because we are obsessed with taking pictures of ourselves and magically erasing the flaws before posting them on our social media - getting us one step closer to all those perfect celebrity photos. But how do you get a perfect selfie? Here are our Bonakdar Aesthetics expert tips to help you get great #SummerSelfie.

Tip #1- "Lights" - Select Your Lighting And Backdrop

There needs to be enough light to end up with a good selfie or no amount of digital magic can undo a bad photo in poor lighting.

Be aware of the backdrop. This means no car selfies with your seatbelt showing and definitely no public bathroom selfies with concrete and industrial tile as the background! Freshen up your make up matting the oils on your skin for a flawless look.

Tip #2- "Camera" - Know Your Good Camera Side

The two sides of your face are very rarely completely identical. Dr. Bonakdar always looks for facial asymmetries and says the two sides of the face are more like twins with slight differences. Decide on your good camera side. Try a side selfie holding the camera slightly above your head, and tilting your head and eyes upwards. Side selfies look better than frontal selfies by highlighting the natural contours of the face and creating better shadowing. Of course a little blush on the cheek bones will also help.

Tip #3- "Action" - A Little Technology Goes a Long Way

There are many powerful photo filters and effect Apps available to create digital magic. You need to experiment until you find what you like. For example, these filters can color correct your selfie making it more vibrant and interesting. Dr. Bonakdar's favorite effects app is Snapseed. Once you are done it is hard to tell what is real and what is post production digital magic. And guess what? No one needs to know if you are fibbing! #NoFilter.

Think you've mastered the selfie tips above? Check out this video from W Magazine on how supermodels like taking their own selfies. Take your flawless #SummerSelfie and share it with us via social media!

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