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Dr. Bonakdar introduces Kiss of Youth Needle-Free Collagen Treatment Using The Only Needle-Free Injection System

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Posted: June 3, 2015

Recently I was looking for faster and more effective solutions to deliver drugs into the skin. For example, for many of the aesthetic procedures that are performed in my office, we apply topical anesthetic cream on the skin and wait for the drug to absorb 30-90 minutes with variable numbing success. My only other option is to inject anesthetic medication in the area being treated which causes discomfort to the patient and is only feasible for treating very small areas.

In my search, I came across a new Transdermal Delivery Technology with many application including delivering Surgical Grade Collagen deep into the skin non-invasively and without injections.

I usually have models available when company representatives come to my office for an appointment to demonstrate their technology. On this day, there were no volunteers and so I was the model. I had a face and neck Needles Free Collagen Treatment which I am excited to share with you. To my surprise, my skin looked and felt so dramatically better that  I got off the table and instantly purchased this No Needles Injection  System- by far my fastest purchase in my career!

What is Kiss of Youth Needle-Free Collagen Treatment?

Kiss of Youth Needles Free Collagen Treatment is the only FDA approved Transdermal Treatment delivering Surgical Grade Collagen deep into the skin non-invasively and without injections for instant results.

How does Kiss of Youth Needles Free Collagen Treatment work?

Using a new, patented, proprietary technology called Dermoelectroporation, from Mattioli Engineering Labs of Florence, Italy, macro-molecules such as Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Amino Acids which were previously not transdermally deliverable are now successfully delivered under the skin.

Dermoelectroporation increases skin permeability by opening “passage channels” in the skin by a particular controlled current. This allows for the transdermal passage of drugs and molecules into the skin.

Incidentally, the inventors of this system are the ones who invented the original microdermabrasion machine in 1985.

Is Kiss of Youth Needle-Free Collagen Treatment FDA approved?

Yes. Dermoelectroporation system is FDA approved for the “local administration of ionic drug solutions into the body for medical purposes and can be used as an alternative to injections”.

Is Kiss of Youth Needle-Free Collagen Treatment safe?

Yes. Very Safe. In fact, hospitalized burn and wound center patients with chronic open wounds in Europe, Asia and America are healed using the same Surgical Grade Collagen I have adapted into my aesthetic Kiss of Youth No Needles Collage Treatment. .

What does Kiss of Youth Needle-Free Collagen Treatment feel like?

This painless treatment feels like an instant big gulp of hydration for the skin. Vibratory hand piece disguises electrical pulses that are opening the skin “passage channels”.  In the next 48 hours the skin adjusts and feels even plumper.

Benefits of Kiss of Youth No Needles Collagen Treatment:

  • Comfortable  treatment sessions
  • No irritations, burnings or inflammations
  • No trauma from injections

Astonishing results

Is Kiss of Youth Needle-Free Collagen Treatment available elsewhere?

No. Other Transdermal Delivery systems, such as Iontophoresis, Electroporation and Ultrasound are availab.e. However, these systems are limited to micro-molecules at best, may inactivate the drug being delivered and are painful.

Kiss of Youth Needles Free Collagen Treatment is a proprietary skin rejuvenation treatment at Bonakdar Aesthetics because our goal is to be the first to deliver safe and effective treatments to you.

Who is a good candidate for a Kiss of Youth Needle-Free Collagen Treatment?

  • Those with Mature Skin
  • Those with Dry Skin
  • Those who want a non-invasive, effective treatment
  • Those who want to look for an upcoming event

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