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Ditch the Stitch: Go for Botox Injections!

Ditch the Stitch: Go for Botox Injections!

Posted: September 15, 2017

Botox Cosmetic is the most popular aesthetic procedure performed all over the world today — and there are a lot of reasons why! Botox Cosmetic has put a smile on many patients’ faces because of its effectiveness and predictability in reversing aging signs. If you need another reason to give this aesthetic treatment a try, read through this list of Botox benefits:

No need for cuts and stitches

A lot of people cringe at the thought of “surgery”, which will require dealing with post-surgical pain and downtime. But since a Botox treatment is delivered with a few injections to the face, there is no need for all that.  I have perfected my injection technique to deliver pain-free Botox treatment.   What’s more is that it brings visible benefits quickly — skipping surgical hassles and healing.

Bringing back that youthful look

Aging can definitely take its toll on the face causing sagging and wrinkling over time. But many people worry about treatments that have unnatural or bizarre results and opting not to do any treatments.  There’s no beauty in aging gracefully and looking old. A proper Botox injection has the ability to bring back the younger version of you and still look natural—  an easy beauty fix that takes years off your face.

No need for a separate eyebrow lift surgery

The brows show early signs of skin aging. Before you know it, there are creases between your brows and your arch is gone. The result is a sad and mad looking unapproachable face! Good thing Botox treats the angry wrinkles between the brows, as well as lifts the tail of the brows wiping away the sad lookout . Bringing life back to your facial expressions and making you more attractive and approachable is just at the tip of the needle.

Dealing with results and side effects

As with any injection under the skin, Botox injections may cause bruising. But using an Accuvein vein finder, I minimize the risk of bruising and deliver bruise free Botox results that last three to four months— just in time for your next beauty fix!

Experience the wonders of Botox today in my hands by calling my office to book an appointment! My staff and I look forward to joining you in your aesthetic journey!

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