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Feeling Blue About Your Brown Spots?

Feeling Blue About Your Brown Spots?

Posted: February 15, 2018

Age spots are one of the many types of sun damage that develop on your skin. Although the spots appear on the surface of the skin, the damage is in the deeper layers, and it may have happened years before you can visibly see the dark spot. Also known as liver spots and solar lentigo, age spots are not a medical concern, yet you should consider my treatments to help with these common flaws on your skin.

Identifying Age Spots

Finding an area of darkened pigmentation on your skin can be alarming if you do not know how to discern age spots from other types of growths. You may have an age spot if the skin has the following appearance:

  • Brown or black
  • Sharp, clear edges
  • Flat texture
  • Rounded shape

Self-examination can be effective for identifying age spots, but the best way to decide with confidence is for me to perform a VISIA® Complexion Analysis. You not only find out if the hyperpigmentation is an age spot, but I also advise you about other concerns that are beginning in the deeper layers of your skin. I will recommend treatments to limit the damage to your skin and prevent the signs of aging from emerging on the surface.

Treatments for Age Spots

If you have age spots, I can help diminish the appearance of these areas of hyperpigmentation. My treatments target the damaged cells while preserving the surrounding healthy tissues.

  • Laser resurfacing with UltraPulse® FX and Fraxel® Dual removes the damaged layers of skin. I recommend UltraPulse® FX for more advanced concerns that are caused by aging. You will have a slightly longer downtime with this treatment compared to Fraxel® Dual, but you made need fewer treatments with UltraPulse® FX.
  • Facial peels, such as MonBon Flawless Peel, DermaSweep MD™, and Cosmo Peel, also remove damaged layers of skin to reveal young, healthy cells. I recommend the treatment for my patients who also need a general rejuvenation of the skin.
  • Clear + Brilliant®, IPL®, and ResurFX offer little downtime, but I recommend several treatments to achieve the best results.

It’s Time to Treat Your Age Spots. Contact Bonakdar Aesthetics.

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