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Too Much Sun: How to Treat Sunburn at Home

Too Much Sun: How to Treat Sunburn at Home

Posted: August 15, 2018

It’s always around this time of year that we start forgetting why we were so excited for summer in the first place. It’s really hot, we’re really thirsty, and–if we’re really unlucky–we’re working on healing compromised skin. If you’re currently feeling the burn from the sun, you might be looking to trade that beach vacation for a nice cool Alaskan cruise right about now.

Keep reading to learn about some quick and easy DIY remedies for sunburned skin when you’re out vacationing or just plain unlucky while running around outside in your own neck of the woods.

Drink Water

Staying hydrated is key to helping your skin function as best it can, and it’s even more important when your skin health is compromised. Commit to drinking more water while you’re sunburned, and try to avoid alcohol (which will just dehydrate you). Also, cutting down on salt will help your body stay hydrated so if you must have that margarita, skip the salt rim.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is one of those plants that just seems to help everything when it comes to skin. It’s gentle, healing, and inexpensive (especially when you can keep a plant on your windowsill for whenever you may need it). Applying the gel from inside the leaves onto burned skin can help your skin feel better and heal faster than on its own.

MonBon Super C Serum

This miracle serum actually makes your sunscreen work better. Preferably, it should be part of your daily skin regimen. But it does perform well in emergency situations to calm down burned skin.

Medicated Creams

Depending on the severity of your sunburn, you may need a medicated cream to heal your skin. Treating a sunburn aggressively will decrease the pain and healing time.

Sunburn can increase the risk of cancer, especially Melanoma. Please make sure you’re practicing safe skin practices like wearing SPF every day, and don’t forget about sunglasses and hats while you’re out! Call us today at (949) 721-6000 to schedule a consultation to learn more about keeping your skin healthy and happy.

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