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What is aging?

What is aging?

Posted: February 15, 2019

Although everyone is familiar with aging<, defining it is not so straightforward. The term “aging” refers to the biological process of growing older in a deleterious sense. When we hear the word “aging”, we think of our grandparents and great-grandparents at the last stages of their lives, when they were no longer useful to society and more specifically maybe even a burden to the society.

Most advanced research to understand aging has shown that aging happens at the DNA and cellular level, thus the new term “cellular senescence.” Aging is actually a “new” phenomenon in the human evolution. Our lifespans started increasing beyond the age of 30 about 30,000 years ago. The primary causes of short life expectancy for our predecessors were unhygienic living conditions and lack of effective medical care. With advances in our living conditions, our food, and our medical knowledge, our lifespans have increased from 70 years old to almost 80 years old in the US in the last 50 years. Today’s septuagenarians may still feel vibrant and be self-sufficient.

So, if we now have the privilege of living longer and feeling good, why are we so aging averse? My opinion is that youth is a social currency that is highly coveted in our society and facilitates incredible opportunities including relationship, career, and power. Older individuals who look old, regardless of the way they feel inside, are shunned and ignored becoming irrelevant by the youth-crazed society. No wonder we fear getting old. The root cause is that we don’t want to look old.

With advances in aesthetic medicine, not looking old is a viable option. I can make a difference for my patients at every decade of their life. With the right amount of rejuvenation and customized prevention, I transform my patients from looking old to a looking ageless. How wonderful that I can give my patients a state of peace about the dreaded chronological age and a boost of self-confidence. I feel truly blessed that I have found my calling.

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