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Beautiful Jaw Contour

Beautiful Jaw Contour

Posted: April 22, 2019

A perfect profile picture starts with a well-defined jaw contour as seen on my darling client @natamals.

Bone Development and Aging

A well-defined jaw is the foundation of a balanced lower face. Our facial bones mature at different stages of our lives. The lower face development and jaw maturation occurs during the adolescent years. Most people go through an awkward looking adolescent period, and gradually grow into their faces. Some people continue to suffer from a weak jaw in their adulthood. By the time the middle ages are reached, the lower face and particularly the jawline change dramatically due to facial aging resulting in sagging and jowling.

Beyond Surgery

Many people assume that the only option for improving a sagging, jowling jaw or a weak jaw is surgical intervention. However, a much easier option exists for reshaping, contouring, and tightening the jaw without undergoing surgery, its associated costs and recovery time. Nonsurgical jaw enhancement is possible by an experienced injector with dermal fillers. My favorite dermal fillers for the jaw angle and jaw contour enhancements are Juvederm Ultra Plus and Juvederm Voluma.

The Assessment

It is difficult to assess one’s own 3D lateral face volume loss of the midface and lower face, when looking in a 2D mirror. For this reason, when assessing a new face and customizing a treatment plan, I take five photographs looking at the face straight on, at both45 degrees angles and at both 90 degrees angles. I look at many facial measurements and proportions, including the width of the cheeks from one side of the face to the other versus the width of the jaw angles from one side of the face to the other, also called the gonial distance. Ideally, the cheeks distance is 1.6 times larger than gonial distance, hence resulting an upside facial triangle of beauty.

Midface Correction First

Enhancing the lower face without regard to optimizing cheek distance to gonial distance ratio will not improve the overall beauty or youth of the individual. So, I always start my AmpliPhi facial optimization with addressing midface volume loss. This will ensure that the finished work results in optimal ratios between mid face and the lower face. After addressing the midface, it is time to reestablish the jaw angle and the jaw contour with my precise microinjection technique.

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