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MonBon Skin Diaries: The Goodness of Olive Oil

MonBon Skin Diaries: The Goodness of Olive Oil

Posted: May 10, 2019

Bless Grandma and Her Home remedies

Did you have a grandma who used common food items as skin remedies? I did, and I often reminisce about this wise woman of my childhood. I remember just having grandma around when I was sick was enough to make me feel better, before she concocted her magic remedies! If your grandma was using olive oil for dry skin, she was onto something big! Dry Skin Basicsremedies

Dry skin happens when there is lack of moisture in the skin or there is a flaw in the skin moisture barrier. Dry skin may be a result of genetics, aging, or over-stripping skin with topicals.

MonBon Silk in a Jarremedies

I created MonBon Silk in a Jar for dry and photo-aged skin that is in need of a rich occlusive coverage. Unlike olive oil that feels greasy and gets in the hair and on your clothes, Silk in a Jar absorbs into the skin and feels silky, not greasy. The magical feel and ability of Silk in a Jar to replenish the skin’s natural moisture barrier come from the combination of ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterols in its olive-derived rich formula.  This yummy moisturizer is a multitasker because thanks to olives.

Squalane The Multitaskerremedies

Olives contain Squalane which is a moisturizing lipid that mimics the molecular structure of human sebum- the lubricant in our skin that makes our skin feel smooth and soft. Squalane is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and non-comedogenic, so not to worry about acne breakouts with Filler in a Jar.  Squalane helps regulate sebum production and accelerates cell turnover. Be ready to heal your skin with Silk in a Jar. Squalane’s antioxidant properties give protection against free radical damage and thus making Filler in Jar an ideal moisturizer for photo-aged skin.

Grandma Was Wiseremedies

Isn’t it fascinating to learn the science behind the wisdom of grandmas? I am not saying every wise tale pans out. But in the case of olive oil for dry and aged skin, grandma know what she was doing!remedies

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