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How Much Is Too Much Filler

How Much Is Too Much Filler

Posted: July 29, 2019

The Journey From Surgical to Nonsurgical Procedures

It’s no secret that the advent of dermal fillers has changed the entire field of aesthetics, from surgery-based procedures to office-based procedures. But there seems to be much confusion and fear about the amount of filler it takes to reverse aging changes and get beautiful results.

Five Syringes Of Filler Equal One Teaspoon

With one picture, @newbeauty educates us that it takes 5 syringes of filler to equal just one teaspoon of help! Meaning, if you take any off the shelf dermal filler, like Versa or Voluma, and inject it into a teaspoon, it would take five syringes to fill just one teaspoon! Most people are surprised by this mathematical fact!

Rejuvenation Means Reverse Aging and Enhance Beauty

The amount of filler needed to reverse aging and enhance beauty really depends on the many factors including how well the person has aged, and how well he or she has maintained their skin and face with aesthetic treatments and what his or her aesthetic goals are.

Rejuvenation By Number of Syringes

Here are my starter numbers for how many syringes I typically use in different parts of the face when correcting and enhancing each area. Forehead 1-2 syringes. Temples 1 syringe. Brow hollowing 1 syringe. Lower lid hollowing 1-2 syringes. Cheeks 2-3 syringes. Jaw contour 2-4 syringes. Smile lines 2 syringes. Lips 1-2 syringes. Marionette lines 2 syringes. Chin 1 syringes.

Trust Me. I Am Your Rejuvenation Expert

I am not saying that every patient who sees me needs 13-20 syringes at their first filler visit, far from it. What I am saying is that if you trust me as your filler expert and aesthetic journey ambassador, then trust my recommendations without fearing the numbers of syringes.

Rejuvenation In Stages Or All At Once

We don’t age in every part of our faces uniformly. So, while your upper face and lower face may look just fine, you may have noticed that you are getting lower lid hollowing and cheek deflation. The first thing I do when assessing a filler patient is that I determine the parts of the face that need correction. Then, I determine the filler type and amount needed to achieve full correction. Unlike surgery, where you have one chance to go under anesthesia and get everything done, with fillers, you can start with just one part of comprehensive treatment plan I recommend and build on it in a staged manner during several appointments.

Welcome Your Rejuvenation Journey And Do Not Fear The Numbers

So, do not fear the number of syringes, fear an unqualified injector. An expert injector should be able to guide you how best to enhance your looks if you want to work on one area of your face at a time or all of it at once.

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