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Fake Botox

Fake Botox

Posted: September 25, 2019

Fake Botox? Is That Even A Thing?

Yes, it absolutely is for reals and buyers beware. Just recently, federal authorities confiscated fake Botox from at a doctor’s office in Coral Springs, Florida. This ophthalmologist had previously been warned not to repeat this offense again and will be facing criminal charges. The Food and Drug Administration, Florida Department of Health, U. S. Postal Inspection Service, and police agencies in Coral Springs were part of a task force investigating this case. They are searching for anyone who may have received fake Botox from this doctor, to make sure they are ok!

The Label May Say Botox But How Can You Tell?

You are buying a colorless, odorless liquid. So how do you know if it is really Botox Cosmetic and not a counterfeit, non-FDA approved dangerous substance, illegally imported for perhaps veterinary use? You can’t make this stuff up! This really happened in Florida in 2004. A nonqualified doctor injected himself and several patients with veterinary grade product, producing botulinum poisoning, coma and death almost!

Popularity & Its Disadvantages

The problem is that many people falsely believe that Botox is not a real medical procedure because of its popularity and ubiquity. Botox Cosmetic treatment is one of the easiest procedures to do poorly. And counterfeit products put the buyer at tremendous risk.

Dr. Bonakdar’s Botox Safety Tips

  • Choose you provider carefully after locating them on BotoxCosmetic.com physician finder
  • Ask to see the Botox box and vial and look for the hologram
  • Avoid Botox Parties and Botox Buses

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