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Below you will find treatment price ranges to assure you that our fees are reasonable and affordable. We are known for delivering unrivaled results and exquisite experiences. We encourage you to schedule a consultation for your customized treatment plan.


All Botox and Jeuveau treatments are performed by Dr. Bonakdar who is an injectable trainer with Allergan Medical Institute.

New patients receiving 40 units or more pay $10 per unit and get an additional 20 units FREE.

New patients receiving less than 40 units pay $11 per unit.

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All filler treatments are performed by Dr. Bonakdar who is an injectable trainer with Allergan Medical Institute.

Our filler prices range between $500 to $950 per syringe based on the filler type.

Please see our SPECIALS for additional discounts per syringe and FREE syringes with multiple syringe treatments.


Vivace Treatments start at $1200. Get a FREE treatment and FREE post-care products when you purchase three treatments for a value of $1535 FREE.

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Thread Lift treatments start at $1500. Your treatment is customized based on your skin condition.

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Ultherapy prices range between $525 to $3,150. Your comfort during this treatment is our priority. Multiple methods of pain management including topical numbing, oral and injectable pain medications as well as nitrous oxide laughing gas is used during this treatment to insure your comfort.

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All feminine rejuvenation treatments are performed by Dr. Bonakdar, not by a nurse or a physician extender.

Dr. Bonakdar was personally trained by inventor of ThermiVa and customizes your treatment based on your needs and desires.

ThermiVa and O-shot prices range between $1020 to $1800.

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Microneedling facials done with 12 needle tips start at $400.

Microneedling resurfacing treatments done with 36-needle tips start at $500.

Packages of 3 are discounted 15%.

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Skin rejuvenation treatments are customized to your needs and desires.

Clear + Brilliant, Intense Pulse Light, ResurFx and VascuPulse treatments start at $400. Packages of 3 include your post care products.

Fraxel Re:Store starts at $600. Packages of 3 include 15% discount and your post care products.

CO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing starts at $2000 and includes all your post care products.

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Fat Contouring

CoolSculpting prices start from $550 per cycle and decrease to as low as $400 per cycle for multiple cycles. Bonakdar Aesthetics is a certified CoolSculpting Center.

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Cellulite treatments start at $250 per treatment. To encourage optimal results, packages of 10 are recommended with a 20% discount.

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Kybella pricing ranges between $400 to $500 per vial based on the number of vials needed for your customized treatment.

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ThermiSmooth Face treatments start at $250, whereas ThermiSmooth Body treatments start at $400 per session. To encourage optimal results, with 5 treatments, you get one FREE treatment and post care products.

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Our clinical facials range between $125 to $250 per treatment. Our customized facials start at $250 based on your needs and desires. Our signature Botox Facial starts at $800.

Packages of 3 are discounted 15%. Packages of 6 are discounted 20%.

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Patient Testimonial

Bonakdar Aesthetics Reviews


“It took me a while to find a doctor that has the high expectations that I do. It also took a while to find that personality that clicks with mine. These two things are important when I'm putting 100% trust into a doctor to recommend what's best for myself and the look I wish to achieve. Dr. B surpasses every expectation I had. She listens, takes time, gives her opinion, and ultimately gives me what I want without making me second guess myself. I am very happy with the work she has done on me and I won't go to any other doctor. She does her job with class and style.”

~ G.K.

via Yelp on 2/23/2021 

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