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Skin Lifting and Tightening with Ultherapy
in Newport Beach, CA

If you’re worried about undergoing surgery to lift sagging skin on your face and neck, now is the time to put your worries aside.

Dr. Bonakdar offers alternatives to facial surgery for lifting and tightening the skin of face and body without a need for an invasive procedure and downtime.

Ultherapy at our Orange County center in Newport Beach tightens and lifts the skin, getting rid of unwanted laxity and sagging, with safe and effective ultrasound technology.

What is Ultherapy?

The Ultherapy System employs two specialized types of ultrasound technology. Much like a prenatal ultrasound to view the baby in utero, Ultherapy DeepSee diagnostic ultrasound looks deep below the skin identifying the depth of the exact layers of soft tissue that would best respond to treatment.

Then, the Ultherapy treatment technology is set to the appropriate depth and penetrates deep beneath the skin, reaching tissue that until now could only be treated through surgery. The ultrasound energy precisely heats the targeted tissue where our collagen resides. This precise heating jumpstarts the body’s natural collagen-producing mechanisms into producing more collagen which in turn reverses aging skin laxity.

Am I A Candidate For Ultherapy?

During your consultation with Dr. Monica Bonakdar, she will address your concerns and assess your skin laxity.

You are a good Ultherapy candidate if you have mild to moderate skin laxity and your skin looks and feels less firm. Skin laxity around the brow, under the jaw, on the neck or chest respond well to Ultherapy.

Your treatment can be done in small parts like upper face or lower face or it can be done in larger parts like face and neck. Most patients opt to have face and neck treatments done at the same time. Ultherapy treatment typically takes an hour to complete. It has been effectively used for skin lifting in clinical studies and in more than one million Ultherapy treatments worldwide.

Ulthera Skin Tightening Treatment

The Ulthera System employs 2 specialized types of ultrasound technology. First, the system’s DeepSee ultrasound energy is used to look deep below the skin and see the exact layers of soft tissue that would best respond to treatment.

Then, the Ulthera System penetrates deep beneath the skin, reaching tissue that until now could only be treated through open surgery. The ultrasound energy precisely heats the targeted tissue and jumpstarts the body’s natural collagen-producing mechanisms, restoring much needed lifting and tightening to aging skin. These changes can be seen immediately using ultrasound technology.

If you are looking for a way to tighten and lift your skin on your face, neck or chest, Ulthera may be a good option for you. Treatment typically lasts from a half-hour to an hour. The device is placed over the treatment area and delivers low levels of targeted heat energy to the right depth beneath the skin. The heat energy stimulates your body’s natural collagen-making process, which restores the skin over time.

Is Ultherapy Painful?

Bonakdar Aesthetics recognizes that pain threshold of each individual varies and is very subjective. So, while Ulthera company recommends Tylenol or Motrin for pain management during Ultherapy treatment, Dr. Bonakdar believes that her Newport Beach Ultherapy patients deserve a pain free treatment experience.

Thus, she customizes your ideal pain management cocktail choosing from narcotic and non-narcotic injectable fast acting pain medication, anti-anxiety medication and topical anesthetic numbing cream.

How Much Does Ultherapy Cost?

Ultherapy studies have shown that there is a pulse dependent response meaning the more pulses that are used, the better the treatment results will be.

We aim to deliver about 1000 to 1200 pulses for face and neck treatments. Thus, comparing pricing of different practices is like comparing apples to oranges. At Bonakdar Aesthetics, we firmly believe that the cheapest price is not the way to choose your beauty treatments, we strive to deliver the best Ultherapy Newport Beach has to offer.

Ultherapy Recovery

After your Newport Beach Ultherapy treatment, you will be ready to return to everyday activities right away. Your skin may look flushed, but the redness should fade within a few hours. There may be slight tenderness and swelling which is normal and subsides on its own.

The lifting and toning appears gradually as new collagen is produced. Full results take up to six months to appear, although there is often some noticeable change immediately. Your post treatment photography will be six month after your treatment. As aging is a continual process, Dr. Bonakdar recommends yearly Ultherapy treatments.

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