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RHA Fillers
RHA for Wrinkles in Newport Beach, CA

RHA Collection Is New, Swiss, and Natural

RHA Collection brings Swiss Technology to the USA and Bonakdar Aesthetics is pleased to be one of the first aesthetic practices in Newport Beach selected to exclusively offer this designer filler. RHA, or Resilient Hyaluronic Acid, is the first and only FDA approved hyaluronic acid filler for the treatment of Dynamic Wrinkles. Older generation fillers only address Static Wrinkles at rest and may appear stiff or unnatural with facial movement. However, beauty is dynamic and the face makes millions of micro-movements every day. RHA is resilient enough to look natural with movement and beautiful at rest.

RHA Collection of Designer Fillers Has Profound Advantages

Latest innovation- RHA is the first advancement in hyaluronic acid filler science in more than a decade.

Made for facial movement- RHA is the first filler designed to adapt seamlessly to dynamic and expressive areas of the face, looking natural with movement and beautiful at rest.

Clean beauty- RHA is made to more closely resemble skin’s natural hyaluronic acid versus other fillers that are over-processed and different from skin’s natural HA.

Longevity- RHA results can last up to 15 months!

RHA Collection By The Numbers Prior To Its Arrival In The USA


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How Long Does RHA Last?

Clinical studies have shown that RHA results last up to 15 months with nearly 95% of participants reporting satisfaction with the results. Our clients enjoy the long-lasting elimination of expression lines with this natural-looking filler.

Who Is A Good Candidate For RHA?

“If you fear looking unnatural, this may be the ideal filler for you,” says Dr. Bonakdar.

RHA is suitable for patients who want to reverse wrinkles and folds but do not want to look overdone and different. While youthful skin smooths out right after making expressive facial gestures, aging skin has less elasticity and therefore fine lines and wrinkles remain etched in the face after making facial expressions. RHA treats these expression lines with a unique hyaluronic acid gel formulation to plump each wrinkle with youthful volume.

Bonakdar Aesthetics offers a range of premium fillers and muscle relaxants such as Botox Cosmetic, Jeuveau, RHA Collection, and Juvederm Family. The best wrinkle fillers for you comes down to the subtle differences in the formulations. Each filler has unique characteristics to hydrate, fill, plump, and lift the skin. However, that’s only part of the story, your best results are more dependent on the skills of the injector you choose.

Dr. Bonakdar customizes your treatment, choosing the optimal filler for your skin needs and your specific concerns after your in-depth consultation.

Why Choose Dr. Bonakdar For Your Newport Beach RHA Filler Treatment?

Since the FDA approval of RHA Collection for treatment of Dynamic Wrinkles, clients across the state of California have been asking about it. Dr. Monica Bonakdar is among the select number of Aesthetic Master Injectors invited to offer the RHA Collection.

Dr. Bonakdar is a trusted facial injector who specializes in non-surgical solutions for the face and body. She has 20 years of experience performing minimally invasive treatments such as muscle relaxers and dermal fillers. As a Master Injector, she injects thousands of units of muscle relaxers and syringes of dermal fillers yearly and has amassed a large following of satisfied clients who trust her with their aesthetic journey.

In addition to being an expert injector, she is also a passionate teacher who helps patients understand the steps they can take to stay ahead of their aging curve. Other plastic surgeons and dermatologists in the area turn to Dr. Bonakdar to learn about the art and science of cosmetic injectables such as Botox, Juvederm fillers, and Kybella injections to perfect their own injection techniques. For patients who want an elite level of service and skill, Bonakdar Aesthetics is second to none.

We Love Natural-looking Results As Much As You Do

Optimal results with facial fillers like RHA require hyper-attention to detail and mastery-level skill that only comes with decades of practice. Dr. Bonakdar strives for natural-looking results so no one can tell you had an enhancement to look your best.

Her methodical treatment philosophy is rooted in her 5 Rs of rejuvenation. Dermal fillers are the ideal way to accomplish Step 2, which is to Reflate an aging face with youthful volume that has diminished over time. She corrects dynamic wrinkles that form in the most expressive parts of the face with RHA fillers for smoother skin that looks natural with movement and beautiful at rest. RHA moves seamlessly with the skin, so the skin appears natural, youthful, and effortlessly expressive.

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