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Emsella Incontinence Treatment
in Newport Beach, CA

What is Emsella?

Emsella is a revolutionary treatment for urinary incontinence and core strengthening offered at Bonakdar Aesthetics in Newport Beach, CA. Emsella uses electromagnetic stimulation to achieve what trainers refer to as “core to floor” fitness — improving the strength of your abs, buttocks, and pelvic floor. These muscles help you control your bladder, so treating them with Emsella improves your bladder health.

Emsella for Urinary Incontinence

Emsella is a breakthrough treatment. It is unique in that it is totally non-invasive. Plus, patients can remain fully clothed during treatment sessions.

Urinary incontinence can trouble both women and men. In women, body aging, childbirth and menopause are among the factors that can lead to incontinence. Emsella can be used to treat women of any age, regardless of the cause of their urinary incontinence, providing significantly improved comfort, confidence, and quality of life.

While Emsella is primarily used to help women suffering from urinary incontinence, it can be an effective treatment for men as well. The treatment process improves the muscles that prevent incontinence regardless of gender.

Emsella for Core to Floor Strengthening

Our core muscles include abdominal muscles in the front, back muscles and buttocks in the back, diaphragm on top and the pelvic floor on the bottom. It has become apparent that Emsella treatments even when bladder issues are absent, improve core strength. So, at Bonakdar Aesthetics Emsella treatments are part of the abdominal and buttocks Emsculpt treatment for a complete core to floor strengthening.

What does Emsella do?

Pelvic floor muscles are the layer of muscles that give you control over your bladder function. If these muscles have become lax and no longer fully support your organs, you may have difficulty controlling a full bladder.

The key to reversing urinary incontinence is strengthening and retraining your pelvic floor muscles. Muscles must be stimulated in order to regain and build strength. Created by BTL, Emsella provides completely non-invasive stimulation of those muscles, thus boosting muscle strength and enabling patients to regain bladder control. While undergoing Emsella treatment, you’ll simply relax in a special chair. Again, you remain fully clothed and wide awake. That chair is sometimes called “The New Kegel Throne.” Indeed, Emsella provides the equivalent of 11,000 Kegel exercises in a single half-hour session!

How Does Emsella Stimulate Pelvic Floor Muscles?

The Emsella chair generates and transmits thousands upon thousands of pelvic floor muscle contractions. The chair conveys high-intensity and very targeted electromagnetic waves that cause the nerves controlling your muscles to activate. This deep pelvic floor “workout” puts you on the path to regaining neuromuscular control. Your “assigned task” during treatment sessions? Just sit there on your “Kegel Throne.” Relax. And imagine a life free of urinary incontinence.

An illustration of Emsella's benefits

“Revolutionary”? Really?

Absolutely. What else would you call an innovation that can reverse urinary incontinence with no surgery, no drugs, and no Kegel exercises? How else would you term a program that can allow you to regain control of your bladder — and your life — by strengthening your entire pelvic muscle floor by triggering thousands of contractions per treatment session, all while you remain fully clothed, comfortable and secure? Revolutionary? Yes.

Choosing the right provider

This is a very important decision. Regaining and maintaining your bladder control can re-frame your future and restore your enjoyment of life. It is every bit that significant. Emsella treatment offers you a brighter and more ambitious future. But Emsella is an extremely sophisticated technology that must be properly administered by a trained medical professional.

Dr. Monica Bonakdar at Bonakdar Aesthetics has practiced in Newport Beach, CA, for more than 20 years, passionately building the premiere medical aesthetic practice in Southern California. Dr. Bonakdar and her team are committed to providing meticulous attention to every detail of your care. She warmly invites you to schedule a consultation to learn about a revolutionary, safe, non-invasive treatment procedure that can literally change your life.

Emsella Results

An astounding 95 percent of women say that Emsella improved their quality of life. And three out of four Emsella patients report their use of protective garment pads was reduced by 75 percent!

Imagine a life free of the anxiety that urinary incontinence triggers. Imagine a life untethered from apprehension. Imagine regaining your freedom. Stop constantly looking for a restroom. Stop worrying about your clothes. Say goodbye to garment pads. Say goodbye to embarrassment. Emsella is a “big deal.”

Am I a good candidate for Emsella?

You are a good candidate for Emsella if you have issues holding it in and want to regain urinary control. The process is very accommodating, and there are very few issues that would prevent you from being a good candidate. During your consultation, we will review your medical history and make sure you can undergo the treatment safely.

Emsella FAQs

Yes. The FDA has cleared Emsella for treatment of urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity in women. Since this approval, it has become apparent that pelvic floor muscle strengthening also improves core strength.

A typical treatment takes about 30 minutes.

No. But you may and likely will experience some tingling as your pelvic floor muscles are activated by the electromagnetic waves. Following the procedure, you’ll feel like you had an excellent workout, but most patients describe the process as painless.

At Bonakdar Aesthetics in Newport Beach Emsella urinary incontinence treatment plans requires six sessions. You’ll need to schedule two sessions a week for three weeks.

Schedule Your Newport Beach Emsella Consultation

You may rightly feel like a prisoner to your urinary incontinence. It may be altering your routines, your plans, your choice of clothing, your self-esteem, your emotional well-being, your physical and mental health, and your entire relationship with your world. At Bonakdar Aesthetics in Newport Beach Emsella can help you to take charge of your life once more.

Now, you have a path to freedom. Emsella is completely non-invasive. It is safe. It requires no drugs. You don’t have to do personal exercises. You do not have to take off your clothes. You can complete this potentially life-changing program in only three weeks. Your only physical commitment is to sit quietly and comfortably for 30 minutes at a time, after which our Newport Beach Emsella patients are immediately free to go about their business.

Dr. Monica Bonakdar worked tirelessly to become a physician because of a deep desire to help people and enhance the quality of their lives. That passion drove her to establish Bonakdar Aesthetics in Newport Beach, CA, and build it into the premier aesthetic medical practice in Southern California. Schedule a consultation today to determine if Emsella is right for you.

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