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Jeff Snider: AccuVein – The Roadmap To Your Blood Vessels
in Newport Beach, CA

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Posted: September 23, 2019

Wouldn’t it be nice to not get bruised after a cosmetic procedure?

A lot of people have bruises after every procedure because it’s hard for a physician to go around all the veins in your body. It’s like they’re in a war zone, filled with landmines, not knowing where they are hidden.

For the past decade, AccuVein is the solution to this discomfort. It’s like a roadmap for the blood vessels in your body, and it significantly reduces bruising and makes the procedures less painful.

On today’s episode, I talk with Jeff about AccuVein – what it was first destined for, why it’s desired by many and how it’s used.

Jeff Snider is the Director of Sales at AccuVein. Before working with AccuVein, he was an independent rep, but five years ago, he decided that this product fitted his criteria of being safe, and of helping people get procedures easier and without complications.

So, listen to Episode 01 of Beauty Heroes, to learn everything about this wonder-product, that has made millions of people happier and healthier.

Questions I ask:

  • Can you tell the audience what AccuVein is and what you do for the company? (01:31)
  • Why doesn’t every injector doing facial injectables use one of these? (04:47)
  • Are injectors charging for this service? (06:34)
  • When is your AV 500 AccuVein going to be available? (10:10)
  • How long have you been with AccuVein? (11:30)
  • Where can our aesthetically oriented clients find more information about AccuVein and find providers that are using AccuVein in their practices? (21:28)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why AccuVein is such an incredibly useful tool in the field of facial injectables. (03:05)
  • About the new generation of AccuVein and its advantages compared to the old generation of AccuVein. (09:18)
  • The price of AccuVein and why is worth having one. (12:51)
  • A real-life example that proves that AccuVein helps with reducing bruises after a procedure. (14:33)
  • Why it’s not always recommended to go for the cheapest procedure. (18:44)
  • The reason why they changed the red light laser to green light laser. (22:48)

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