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Ultherapy Updates and Advances

Ultherapy Updates and Advances

Posted: May 30, 2013

Ultherapy is indeed proving to be a technological groundbreaker. The focused ultrasound precisely reaches the same tissue levels as those manipulated in surgery. A falling brow? Ultherapy can lift it. A sagging jaw and chinline? Ultherapy can redefine and lift. Sagging neck? Ditto…

*When I first began offering Ultherapy, I was not encouraging my clients to undergo multiple treatments. However, I am now a firm believer of an ongoing Ultherapy program consisting of treatments on a six to twelve month schedule.

You can expect results to become increasingly evident over a period of months as your body creates new firm collagen. We suggest you take preliminary photos (as we do) and compare them with photos you take at 3 and 6 months following your treatment. Because the process is gradual, this before/after visual helps you fully appreciate the changes.

  • Over 7 times the energy in the new protocol! Ultherapy is now FDA approved for a substantial increase in the amount of total ultrasound energy delivered during a procedure. Initially, an Ultherapy treatment consisted of 140 treatment lines on the face. With the new guidelines, we are able to treat the entire face and neck with over 1000 treatment lines. You will get better results with extended coverage. It’s practically a fountain of youth effect!
  • Face and ALL the neck: Ultherapy is FDA approved for full upper and lower neck treatments. Now neck treatments are not just to the Adam’s apple but fully down to the clavicle to lift and tighten the entire neck area.
  • Repeatable for Cumulative Results: Newest data indicates that repeat treatments (every six to twelve months) will build upon initial results to show progressively cumulative results.
  • The “My Ultherapy” program I offer at the Bonakdar Aesthetics insures special discounted pricing for subsequent treatments.
  • New tip for smoother skin: Lastly, there is a new special treatment tip for skin texture improvement (gets rid of that crepey skin we all dislike so much). The new 1.5mm transducer effectively smooths and firms the upper layers of the skin.

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