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Whos behind the needle?

Whos behind the needle?

Posted: March 25, 2014

Sensible people and nonsensical decisions

The “bet you can’t resist it offer” can make even the most sensible person consider making nonsensical decisions.  But when it comes to your face, are you REALLY prepared to look otherworldly for 6 – 9 months while a filler degrades? Or like you’ve been hot stamped after a half-off laser treatment that wasn’t appropriate for your skin type? Or expressionless for 4 months after that new nurse talked you into extra Dysport or Botox?

The psychological lure of the low price

The promise of low low prices and the perfect outcome flood our in-boxes every day. They’re hard to resist. But if the perfect outcome is assured, why the need for the low low price??

Experience and expertise

It’s a given, the more you repeat an action, the more deft you become in your abilities. Like the Olympians who practice their ice dance hundreds of times…it is not luck that wins them their medals and applause, it is their honed skill and execution.

Who’s behind the needle?

There are many physicians who have entered the aesthetic arena and more do so every day – It’s incredibly easy to look on the internet and find dozens of medical practices that offer Botox and fillers and lasers. But who’s behind the needle and the laser??? How do you know if they are even good at what they do? How much experience do they have? And how do you choose?

Dr. Bonakdar vs the Average Physician Comparative data provided by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Am I bragging? Well, sure…a little, because I can!

Those statistics tell their own story. I’m proud that I have such a loyal following and I make sure I’m the best I can possibly be. I don’t try to do everything. I’ve carefully chosen procedures that fit the needs of the discerning women and men who come into my office.

I don’t dabble in aesthetics as a side to another medical field. Aesthetics IS my field and my only field. You depend on me to know what I’m doing and it’s my responsibility to take all the steps needed to be one of the best trained and most experienced aesthetic physicians in the area.

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