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Dr. Bonakdar Reviews Accuvein Bruise Prevention Device

accuvein device being used on a patient model

Posted: January 8, 2015


Cosmetic Injections are supposed to make you look good and feel good about yourself. They usually involve introducing products into the facial soft tissue through a sharp needle. Regardless of the talent or experience of the physician, bruising is common any time a needle is introduced under the skin. This is because needles pierce vessels in the soft tissue. And as luck would have it, the face is one of the most vascular tissues of the body. Even a seasoned physician who knows the facial vessel anatomy well is still essentially injecting blindly under the skin


AccuVein is a brilliant hand held gadget that can be used to "see" under the skin in order to map the vessels and to avoid injection bruising. AccuVein is an infrared light which glows back red when it shines on soft tissue but black when it illuminates a vessel. This is because the infrared light is absorbed by hemoglobin in blood anywhere there are vessels. Thus with AccuVein large and small veins can be mapped out and avoided during a cosmetic injections.


No one likes bruises - not the patients and certainly not the physician. Most of my patients know if they tend to bruise and they come in prepared having done their part already and they appreciate that I am one of the few physicians around that has the AccuVein.

Before their treatment, my patients abstain from alcohol, Aspirin products and all other herbs and medications that can facilitate bruising. They also start taking Arnica and Bromain containing supplements to boost their clotting.

During the treatment, the AccuVein beam is focused on the area to be injected and the veins instantly become visible and can be avoided.

In my practice, to date I have noticed a 90% REDUCTION in bruising simply by being able to see the location of the veins through the skin before I inject. That's truly a miracle!

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