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How Long Do BOTOX® Results Last?

How Long Do BOTOX® Results Last?

Posted: March 24, 2016

Many of our Newport Beach and Orange County patients choose BOTOX® injections to treat their unwanted facial wrinkles. BOTOX® is a popular choice around the country thanks to its proven results, convenience and affordability.

We are commonly asked how long BOTOX® results last. While there are some commonalities in the longevity of BOTOX® results, the simple truth is that results vary depending on several factors.  Most commonly, BOTOX® results last between three and four months. Of course, certain factors can influence the duration of results, such as:

  • The patient’s unique anatomy
  • The area being targeted
  • The skill and experience of the injector
  • The severity and type of wrinkles being treated

However, one of the most important aspects to ensuring beautiful, long-lasting results is to make sure you are injecting enough BOTOX® for it to be effective.  The content of a BOTOX® treatment is measured in units, and injecting more units will provide a stronger and more long-lasting result. When less units are used, results don’t last as long.

It’s also important to maintain a regular schedule of reinjection treatments rather than waiting for your results to completely diminish before seeking a repeat procedure.  Dr. Monica Bonakdar will assess your situation and recommend the best unit amount and treatment schedule to give you the results you need to match your aesthetic goals.

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