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Physical Sunscreen vs Chemical Sunscreens

Physical Sunscreen vs Chemical Sunscreens

Posted: July 15, 2018

We always love to see skin transform and improve, which is why we do what we do. But, did you know that there’s something you might not be doing, that could be sabotaging the results of your favorite products and treatments? No matter how many chemical peels you have, or how perfect your skin brightening serum is, the sun could be hindering the results. Harmful UV rays contribute to skin cancer and signs of aging, but wearing sunscreen everyday can help prevent those dangerous melanoma and pesky hyperpigmentation spots. Keep reading to learn about the two main types of sunscreen.


Physical sunscreens are made up of one or a mix of two physical filters, Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. These are the best sunscreens for sensitive skin, since they do not react to the sun (so they are referred to as being photostable). They do a great job of protecting skin from harmful UV rays and have been around a long time.

Some cons regarding these sunscreens boil down to texture and aesthetics. Both of these physical filters can leave a white cast behind on the skin, even when the product is completely rubbed in. That being said, these sunscreens also tend to be a little thicker, and might be harder to rub in, too. New formulations help these products sink in better, so consider trying in person before you buy.


If you want options, then chemical sunscreens are there for you! There are many more chemical filters in sunscreens to choose from, so chances are you can find one that suits your needs. These sunscreens tend to have a better feel and leave little to no white cast, so you might end up actually wearing them every day.

Some cons to be aware of when it comes to chemical sunscreens are generally safety related. Certain ingredients have been known to destabilize in the sun (they’re referred to as being photo-unstable), and cause irritation. Some ingredients have recently been banned in Hawaii because they contribute to coral bleaching, so do your research and avoid sunscreens with oxybenzone and octinoxate in them before you visit a coastal city.

Prevention is key, but don’t despair if you already have hyperpigmentation or other forms of sun damage. We might be able to help with a targeted treatment. Give us a call today at (949) 721-6000 to schedule a consultation!

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