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Your Yearly Skin Fitness Plan

Your Yearly Skin Fitness Plan

Posted: January 15, 2019

You may be tempted to set yourself new fitness goals, like starting up Pilates or heading out on morning runs. And while we applaud your effort to keep yourself healthy, we have to wonder if you are thinking of your skin’s fitness as well. After you’ve had a treatment with us, it’s important to take care of your skin to prolong your results. And, in the long term, some treatments can help you look younger consistently. Keep reading for some of our favorite ways to keep your skin looking youthful and glowing!


There’s so much skincare out there, that we aren’t surprised if you’re overwhelmed. If you want a simple routine that works without the fluff, we have just the thing. Dr. Bonakdar created MonBon Clinical Skincare to complement her in-office aesthetic treatments, so you can expect scientifically proven combinations of ingredients that are designed to treat signs of aging and prevent future damage. The right skincare sets you up for healthy skin for years.

Clinical Facials and Chemical Peels

Exfoliation helps your skin feel softer, but it also increases cell turnover, which makes it look more radiant. And, did you know that exfoliation allows your skincare products to more effectively reach your skin? Dr. Bonakdar recommends having a clinical facial or a superficial peel around every month to keep your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated.

Resurfacing Treatments

If you want a smooth, clear complexion that’s free of sunspots, you’ll want to take advantage of our laser resurfacing treatments. Even if you wear sunscreen and other sun protection, chances are there is sun damage lurking on your skin. IPL, ReSurFX, Clear+Brilliant, or Fraxel Dual treatments may be recommended, depending on your concerns.


We all want more collagen. That’s just a fact. And if you’re interested in keeping a plump, youthful complexion, Ultherapy may be for you. This treatment also boasts firming, lifting, and tightening effects on the skin that are fantastic for the face, neck, and chest.

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