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Facial Shaping With Botox Cosmetic? Do Tell!

Facial Shaping With Botox Cosmetic? Do Tell!

Posted: March 7, 2019


Botox has come a long way in the last 3 decades since its first FDA approval. It is currently FDA approved for a handful of medical conditions and cosmetic applications, and it holds close to 800 patents for potential future uses.


Botox Cosmetic is indeed the most popular cosmetic enhancement being performed today. By relaxing tiny facial muscles that signify negative expressions associated with aging it can enhance a person’s appearance and make them appear younger. But it took time for doctors, patients and community critics to learn that freezing every facial expression muscle isn’t necessarily pretty and screams unnatural and overdone.


When I look at my own practice, I have abandoned the frozen inexpressive face and opted for creating an expressive and ageless face by modifying my injection techniques.
My long-term Botox Cosmetic goals are to prevent wrinkles from getting etched in the skin while my short-term Botox Cosmetic goals are to enhance the beauty of the face with my subtle facial reshaping tricks.


  • Forehead- I relax the forehead so that the patient doesn’t look like she is in a continuous state of surprise at rest. The trick is to preserve enough of the muscle movement so that she can raise her brows and forehead and apply her eye makeup and mascara with ease.
  • Brows- I relax frowning brows so that the person does not look she is angry and unapproachable socially. I also raise the brows for a prettier brow arch and a more alert look.
  • Overdeveloped jaw muscles- I thin out a disproportionately wide lower face from overdeveloped jaw masseter muscles. Many times, these chewing muscles are abnormally enlarged from clenching and grinding and relaxing them not only preserves dental health but also optimizes the shape of the face.
  • Frowning Mouth- I undo a chronic mouth frown or the so-called resting bitch face. This simple reshaping trick makes the person more socially approachable.
  • Chin- I smooth out a scrunched-up chin before wrinkles get etched.
  • Neck- Horizontal lines on the neck look like the person has been chocked with a thin wire

The best compliment for me is when others assume that my patient is genetically gifted and doesn’t to do any aesthetic treatments because she looks natural and young.

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