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Phidias & Phi Ratio

Phidias & Phi Ratio

Posted: April 1, 2019

In 500 BC, Greek mathematician and sculptor Phidias, discovered that all beautiful objects, both in nature and man-made, reveal a specific ratio or proportion when broken down into their sub-parts- namely a ratio of 1.618 to 1. This ratio was called Phi Ratio, Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion. This ratio is seen in all beautiful things including this gorgeous shell.

Leonardo da Vinci & Ideal Human Beauty

2000 years later, Leonardo da Vinci brilliantly applied the mathematical principle of Divine proportion to the human body and face, defining the Ideal Human Beauty. This renaissance genius meticulously followed Phi ratio to create his iconic paintings and drawings such as the Vitruvian man and The Mona Lisa focusing on symmetry, harmony, balance and proportions.

Beauty is Mathematics

From these masters, we learn that beauty in nature can be distilled to mathematics. Beautiful man-made things be it a building or a bowl, are constructed following this same mathematical formula. This model lead me to wonder about human faces? Can we erase facial aging using the Phi ratio and Davinci’s Ideal Human Body?

@OCBeautyDoc & AmpliPhi Filler Treatment

After decades of focusing my practice on facial aesthetics and performing thousands of facial filler treatment, I created AmpliPhi Filler Treatment. This is my proprietary non-surgical full-face rejuvenation procedure that reverses signs of facial aging using mathematics and the Phi Ratio.

Unlike traditional filler treatments, AmpliPhi creates beauty and youth in a short office treatment.

As we age, the facial proportions deviate from the ideal proportions. AmpliPhi optimizes the whole face with fillers by bringing these ratios that have deviated with aging to the ideal mathematical proportions. There are multiple horizontal and vertical proportions that can be manipulated with fillers, for example, the width of the face can be increased by injecting the cheeks and the height of the face can be increased by injecting the chin.

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