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The Potentials of Freezing

The Potentials of Freezing

Posted: April 4, 2019

Cryotherapy for the body has been a popular treatment among athletes, celebrities and wellness enthusiast. We are one of the first medical aesthetics practices in USA to introduce a safe and highly effective Cryotherapy treatments for the face for anti-aging and beauty purposes.

The Origins of Cryo

Any type of treatment with application cold gas is referred to as cryotherapy. Body cryotherapy treatments first became popular in Asia, and eventually spread to Western countries. People willingly stand in a Carbon Dioxide cold chamber of minus 240 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 to 3 minutes to drop their core body temperature, thus reducing inflammation and muscle soreness and slowing down aging. The cold triggers blood vessels in the superficial tissue to constrict, forcing inflammation away from the surface tissue and revving the body’s immune response. In simple terms, this process reduces inflammation, and less inflammation slows down the aging process.

Cryo for Beauty

Nitrogen Cryotherapy is a common procedure that dermatologist perform to remove warts and treat skin lesions. The sudden intense cold freezes and kills the abnormal skin cells on contact. Our new Carbon Dioxide Cryo Facial called Kiss of Ice uses a similar principle to Carbon Dioxide cryotherapy for the body but focuses on the face and neck. The process includes cleaning and exfoliating the skin, application of antiaging serum, which is forced into the skin with cryotherapy, a finishing mask, moisturizer and sunscreen. The Kiss of Ice facial is a non-invasive exhilarating treatment that results in a refreshed awake look without having any coffee!

Kiss of Ice Facial Magic

Kiss of Ice causes alternating vasoconstriction and vasodilation of blood vessels. This has been shown to flush toxins and impurities away from the skin, improve tissue oxygenation and stimulate collagen production and cell renewal. The immediate results are a glowing and rested appearance. With weekly sessions, the results are additive showing improved skin quality, softening of the wrinkles, firmer and more radiant skin. Since cryo reduces inflammation, Kiss of Ice is magical for acne and rosacea, as well as for jet lagged skin, and alcohol induced puffiness from too many glasses of wine. Kiss of Ice has a Botox like effect referred to as FroTox from the immediate smoothing of the forehead lines from shrinkage and contraction of skin.

The Safety of Kiss of Ice

Cryotherapy safety depends entirely on the device used and not all devices have built in safety mechanisms. During a Frozen C Kiss treatment, a stream of freezing cold Carbon Dioxide gas is directed at the skin which you experience as a cold refreshing sensation. The intelligent handpiece adjusts the stream for best results and senses the skin temperature, turning off the stream before damaging temperature level is reached, preventing overexposure risks such as frostbites.

Let The Freezing Begin

We recommend Kiss of Ice Facial treatments weekly for a series of 6 treatments. Alternatively, Kiss of Ice can be combined and done before injectable procedures such as Botox and fillers or after laser treatments for the management of discomfort and as well as reduction of downtime.

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