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MonBon Skin Diaries

MonBon Skin Diaries

Posted: May 24, 2019

The surface of the skin accumulates dead skin cells, oils and environmental impurities such as dirt every living day making it rough, flaky, dull, and uneven with large pores. How well we take care of the skin surface determines the health and the appearance of the skin.

Exfoliation is the process of removing the dead cell and ingrained debris from the skin surface, so that your pores appear smaller and your active antiaging products penetrate. In reality, unless the skin is primed with an exfoliator, there is no use investing in expensive active products. Because skin transformations will not happen unless the active products can penetrate.

Not all exfoliators perform the same. Exfoliators may be physical or chemical or both. Physical exfoliants contains grounded natural products such as nuts, stones, plants and plant extracts that work against the top surface of the skin physically sloughing the dead cells. The risk of physical exfoliants is that they could be too harsh if the skin is sensitive or if it is used too frequently.

Chemical exfoliates contain acids and enzymes that dissolve the bonds that adhere dead cells to the skin thus promoting sloughing off of these unwanted cells and debris. The strength of chemical exfoliants determines if they are home use products such as scrubs or if they are an in-office treatment like a deep chemical peel.

Defenage 2-Minute Renewal Scrub is a safe and effective scrub to prepare the skin for your active ingredients. Because it contains sugar crystals as a physical exfoliator, and three enzymes as chemical exfoliators. The enzymes come from pumpkin, papaya, and pomegranate.

I recommend applying it on clean dry skin. It gives off heat and makes the face feel warm. After 2 minutes gentle scrubbing with your wet hand dissolves the sugar crystals and neutralizes the action of the enzymes. You will experience the difference in your skin feeling smoother and appearing healthier.

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